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Toxicology Training Online  is an ideal product if you would like to/need to improve your knowledge of toxicology, but do not have time to either attend any of my live webinars or a face to face training session.

Toxicology Training Online comprises over 5 hours of video presentations accompanied by additional lecture notes, copies of the slides used and other hand outs. Furthermore new material is also periodically added to Toxicology Training Online for your use.

The benefit is that you can select topics of interest at times which suit you, watch the video, read the lecture notes and post questions which will be answered.  Furthermore, if you do not wish/or have time to watch the video presentation, you can simply read the lecture notes/presentation slides instead.

The material has been written for anyone who works in in global regulatory compliance, occupational hygiene and medicine, R&D, HSE, Product Stewardship, chemists as well as for business managers involved in Regulatory Compliance/consortia meetings, trade associations, etc. In fact for anyone who needs a good introductory overview of toxicology.


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  • What does Toxicology Training Online cover?

Toxicology Training Online comprises over 5 hours of video presentations accompanied by additionalecture notes, copies of the slides used and other hand outs all of which covers the following,

 *Exposure and dose – Exposure routes/duration, dose-response concept, NOAELs and LOAELs

 *Local effects Irritation and corrosion

 *Systemic effects -Toxicokinetics, Acute toxicity,Repeated dose toxicity,Carcinogenicity,Genetic toxicity,Chemical allergies,Reproductive and developmental effects)

*Target organ effectsThe liver, kidneys, nervous system, the respiratory tract, cardiovascular system & blood) are all explored in more detail.

*Toxicity testing – Assessment of toxicity, Acute toxicity testing, Repeated dose toxicity testing,Assessment of carcinogenicity, Assessment of genetic toxicity, Reproductive and developmental toxicity testing, Assessment of skin and respiratory allergies, Testing for irritation and corrosion)

*Human health risk assessment – Including derivation of DNELs, exposure assessment, etc.

  • How can Toxicology Training Online be used and who created this product?

Toxicology Training Online  has been designed to be used on a standalone computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone; which means that if you are away from the office attending a meeting, etc., it  is possible to use Toxicology Training Online as a reference guide to help you follow any toxicological discussions being held.

 It has been created by a Toxicologist/Chemist who has many years of practical industrial experience both in regulatory toxicology but also in occupational toxicology and product stewardship.

  • How do I obtain more information/ purchase Toxicology Training Online?

If you would like a demonstration of Toxicology Training Online or more information please email or call and I will arrange a mutually convenient time.

** £179 /user (unlimited access to system and to new material)**

Please email [email protected] for either a payment link (credit/debit cards) or an invoice for immediate access to the system

Tel: +44 (0)7985 923707

Download information brochure: TOXICOLOGY TRAINING ONLINE BROCHURE_2016