Reproductive & Developmental Toxicology Webinar

Date: 6th September 2017

Fee: 249 euros (per person)

Duration: 90 minutes (in collaboration with Chemical Watch Ltd)

[Fee includes a copy of the live recording and additional course notes. Questions may be asked throughout the session and also afterwards by telephone/email]

Why is an understanding of reproductive and developmental toxicology important?

Many of the data gaps that have been identified during the implementation of REACH have been related to reproductive and developmental toxicity. However it is also an important requirement for other regulatory compliance areas including the Biocidal Products Regulation.


Who the webinar is intended for

This webinar is ideal for anyone who would benefit from an improved understanding of reproductive and developmental toxicity, but has no formal training as a toxicologist.

In particular for business managers involved in SIEF/consortia discussions, global regulatory compliance experts, hazard communication (CLP/GHS) and SDS, etc.


  • Introduction to reproductive and developmental toxicity and the reproductive system.
  • How chemicals can affect the male and female reproductive system.
  • How chemicals can cause developmental toxicity in the developing embryo and foetus.
  • How effects on or via lactation may occur.
  • Endocrine disruptors and their influence on the reproductive system.
  • Current testing strategies available for assessing reproductive and developmental effects arising from chemical exposure.

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Laura Robinson
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