Writing & Updating Safety Data Sheets


As many of you who are reading this already know, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) informs the recipient of (1) the intrinsic hazards related to the chemical/mixture in question (2) the appropriate precautionary measures that should be taken to minimise or avoid exposure both for man and the environment, and (3) the measures to be taken should exposure occur.

This is a lot of information contained in one document and in many cases the information provided is inconsistent, incomplete or simply incorrect.

Furthermore, if you look at any SDS you will see that toxicology plays a critical factor in the majority of the sections; which is why it is highly beneficial to have toxicological knowledge when writing these documents.

Within Europe we have had a lot of changes regarding the formatting of the SDS as well as information requirements and, more changes will be seen as we move towards the deadline for classification of mixtures in accordance with the CLP Regulation next year. This means that further updating of the SDS’s will be needed in order to comply with CLP.


As a qualified toxicologist, with extensive experience of writing SDS for different geographical regions of the world as well as experience of undertaking workplace risk assessments, I can offer the service of either writing SDS from scratch or updating SDS  in a way which is both flexible to suit your requirements as well as being cost effective. This includes sourcing and reviewing data and of course, classification and labelling in accordance with CLP/GHS.

Note: I also offer training courses in classification and labelling (GHS/CLP) as well as authoring SDS. If this is of interest to you please contact me for more details.

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