TRAINING WEBINAR PROGRAM – February to March 2020

For all live webinar training classes, available times:  1000hrs – 1130hrs (UK time) or 1400hrs – 1530hrs (UK time).

Early bird discounted course fee/attendee = £170.*  Full fee/attendee  = £220.  [*Applies for up to 10 days prior to the scheduled course date]

Available Webinars – Core Knowledge

‘Introduction to Toxicology for the Non -Toxicologist’  4th February 2020. More information

‘Introduction to Regulatory Toxicology & Toxicity Testing’ 5th  February 2020. More information

*NEW* ‘Introduction to Ecotoxicology & The Environment’7th April 2020 More information

Available Webinars – Hazard Communication

*NEW*  ‘Introduction to Writing Compliant (and useful) Safety Data Sheets’ 19th February 2020. More information

*NEW*  ‘Introduction to Toxicology, Ecotoxicology & Physicochemical Properties for Safety Data Sheets’ 25th February 2020.  More information

‘Classification of Mixtures for Health Hazards in accordance with GHS/CLP’ 10th March  2020. More information

‘Classification of Substances and Mixtures for Environmental Hazards in accordance with GHS/CLP’ – 11th March  2o20  More information

*NEW*  ‘Introduction to Transport Regulations for Safety Data Sheets’ – 24th March 2020 ( 1400 – 1600 UK time only). More information


“Thank you so much for the Toxicology Webinar. I found it highly informative and relevant. Laura paced the content very well, she was clear, interesting, and demonstrated not only the facts but how they are then applied in practice.I enjoyed it very much”Dr.Sue Elton M.R.C.G.P

Hello and welcome to Toxicology Training 2020!

As you will see from the list, I have added four brand new training courses. Three of these courses focus on aspects of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring, which in light of the recent feedback from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), will be very useful for SDS authors and recipients of SDS. The ‘Introduction to Ecotoxicology & the Environment’ is the fourth new training course and could be considered timely, considering increasing concerns over climate change and pollution.

I also have my first guest trainer of 2020, the awesome Caroline Raine, who will teach you all about transport regulations for Section 14 of the Safety Data Sheet.

The courses I offer are typically based on my own experience of working for many years in product stewardship in different industries. They are also courses which I wish I’d had access to back then!

There are many benefits to attending one of my courses. Not only will you gain knowledge which will help you enormously in your everyday work, but you will also be able to contact me at any time after the session, with course-related questions. Furthermore, there is no hassle, cost and importantly, no environmental impact caused by travel!

Finally, when booking on one of my courses you will deal directly with me, rather than a third party. The advantage of this is that I will be able to help advise you with regards to the session’s learning outcomes and its appropriateness to your training needs.

Other benefits from attending one of my live webinars include,

I am a qualified toxicologist and chemist with a University teaching qualification ( I have also taught chemistry and environmental courses for many years at college and degree level).

I have years of experience in developing and teaching different training courses (webinar, in-person, e-learning) to a  wide audience.

Having worked in different industries for over 15 years I am very familiar with the issues which commonly arise, and where relevant I will cover these in my training courses.

I offer two time slots on each day of the webinar, to accommodate differences in time zones and other commitments. All you need to do is select the one which is most convenient for you.

If you sign up for one of my webinars you will receive a copy of the live recording and the slides as well as the course notes with useful resources.

You can ask questions throughout the session and/or contact me for further discussions afterwards (which is something many of my course attendees do).

A certificate of attendance is also available upon request.

Discounts apply to multiple webinars/or group bookings. Should you have any questions please email me at  [email protected] or telephone  +44 (0)7985 923707.

Unable to attend the scheduled date/time?

If you are unable to attend the scheduled webinar please let me know as I can schedule one-off dates/times to suit. This is particularly useful if you are based on the west coast of the USA/Canada or  Asia-Pacific region.

Contact me directly for more details. Email: [email protected] Tel +44 (0)7985923707

Bespoke training courses and 1-1 tutorial sessions

I also offer bespoke face to face training courses and training webinars for specific organisations.  This has been well received by organisations both in the UK and overseas. This is often a cost-effective way of delivering training to staff on site and the material can be tailored to suit your needs.

The 1-1 tutorial/coaching sessions is another service I offer and this has also been well received.

“Laura Robinson provided much-appreciated guidance and support at a critical time of reviewing product classifications.  Laura is professional, experienced, and so easy to work with, making a difficult task so much more achievable.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura and her consultancy to anyone needing this type of advice.”   Heather Nixon, Quality Manager, Bio-D Company Ltd

Email: [email protected]

Tel +44 (0)7985923707